Built-In Air System


You don’t have to wait to jump in!

The Built In Air System (BIAS) have increased in popularity and sales in the last few years. Though a diehard scuba diver may still cling to their full scuba tank set up, the average modest diver is thrilled to be able to just flip a switch and jump overboard into the water to dive!  

As the market leader in the boating compressor industry, Brownie’s understands the unique challenges facing boaters. Our Built In Air System (BIAS) have set the standard for performance, durability, and value. Continuing in that tradition, Brownie’s is proud to introduce our line is Built In Air System (BIAS). Continuing in that tradition, Brownie’s is has designed a line of Built-In Air Systems to fit every boat size.

Everyone likes to STAY CONNECTED with friends and family.  See how Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ keeps your boat and divers connected.

AC / Electric Powered

Turn your boat into your own private dive boat! Brownie’s Electric Hookah Dive Systems can be added where ac power is available and provide hours of diving fun right from the boat. System components are mounted in available storage space and remain hidden when not in use – keeping your deck space clear and open.

DC / Battery Powered

Brownie’s has designed a battery powered Built-in-Air System (BIAS) that will connect to your own boat’s batteries to continuously charge and operate while your vessel is powered up.

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