DC / Battery Powered

Built In Air Systems Powered by DC

Build a Brownie’s Integrates Air System directly into your boat and connect to your own battery power.  Brownie’s offers a variety of options to accommodate every boat from a small tender to a super yacht!  The more battery power you provide, the more FUN you will have!

Variable Speed Hand Carry

The most portable battery-powered system available to divers.  We provide the compressor, air-breathing hose, and regulators, you provide the battery.  The larger the battery, the longer the dive!


DC Powered Systems

Our incredible DC Powered BIAS System options are in their redesign phase and we can’t wait to bring them to you. Have questions about these great upcoming systems? Contact our sales team and they’ll gladly answer all your questions.

Express Diver Solo

Designed for smaller vessels in mind that do not have a lot of battery power, this system has only a small enough footprint that it can fit under your seat.  Brownie’s supplies the compressor, you supply the battery source.

Express Diver Direct

Designed for mid-sized: With a programmed 90+ minutes of run time, the Express Diver Direct then recharges off your batteries alternator while your vessel is running for continuous diving day after day.

Express Diver Max

The ultimate built-in diving machine! Built-in with 3 hours of run time, the Express Diver Max is the largest of the BIAS system with the longest run time and diver capacity.  Whether your group is serious about diving or just loves the extra time underwater, this system is the workhouse of all our battery powered systems.

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