As a former NAUI scuba instructor and dive store manager, Stacy’s passion for the water is never ending! She was certified in Lake Ozarks, Missouri where you could barely see your hand in front of your face.  But even then, she knew her journey was going to lead her to the beautiful blue waters of the Florida coast she calls home today! Stacy has been with Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ since January 2002 and consider herself a “Jill” of all trades at the factory; she can crimp hoses, change a carburetor, diagnose a compressor issue, sell you parts and of course, sell you a Brownie’s system!

Her favorite part of the job is educating folks on specifically which Brownie’s systems work best for their needs. Stacy is always available to chat.  If you’re a dealer within driving range and you want your staff to try out a Brownie’s system – please contact Stacy. If you are thinking about becoming a dealer of Brownie’s diving systems and would like to discuss business opportunities, please give her a call.