Annapolis Boat Show Giveaway

Here’s how to enter: Input your name and email. Stay tuned, the winner will be notified on Monday, October 25.


The giveaway will be ongoing throughout the duration of the powerboat & sailboat shows! Two lucky participants will have the chance to win a Spare Air® or a  Bright Weights® belt and slug weights (up to 12 LB).

Stop by our Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™, BLU3™ and LW Americas TENT # D73 during the Annapolis Boat Show to discover our one-of-a-kind tankless and tank fill diving products, such as the YachtPro™, Sea Lion™, Nomad, and more. You’ll also have the chance to experience specials, a giveaway and more!

Learn More About Brownie's THIRD LUNG™

Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ is the world’s leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of surface supplied air diving systems – often referred to as Hookah diving systems. Visit the Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ store.

Learn More About BLU3™

BLU3 is an innovative company committed to developing the world’s most user-friendly dive systems to ever float on the ocean’s surface. Our battery-powered tankless dive systems are revolutionizing the way people enter the water and experience the underwater world through our patent-pending Smart Reg™ technology. Visit the BLU3™ Store.

Learn More About LW Americas

LW Americas is the exclusive North, Central, South America and Caribbean distributor of L&W Compressors. We also design and manufacture a complete line of NitroxMaker™ systems that are compatible with Helium / Tri-Mix for recreational and technical diving applications. LW Americas has further expanded their capabilities to include, OEM engineering / installation support, custom dive systems, high-pressure gas storage systems, submersible / submarine recharging support, hyperbaric chamber system, oxygen generation and the full range of technical diving systems. Visit the LW Americas Online Catalog.

Learn More About Spare Air®

The original mini scuba – designed to provide you with instant air during short-term underwater emergencies. Check out the Spare Air® System Options.

Learn More About Bright Weights®

A modular weight system available in black, yellow, red, pink and blue. The system allows the diver to split their required weight and achieve the best trim. Visit our Bright Weights® Options.