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At Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™, we have designed a variety of tankless diving systems, accessories, and other fun water products to ensure there’s an option for everyone. From battery-powered to gas-powered systems, from recreational to commercial, we have all of your tankless diving needs covered.

Sea LiOn™

From its Variable Speed (VS) technology to being powered by an INSTA-Change 24V lithium ion battery, from its accumulator tank to its secured battery box, there is no other system on the marked that can compare to the Sea LiOn™. This system allows up to 4 divers to enjoy a dive of up to 3 hours with one single battery charge.

Gas Powered Tankless Diving Systems

With 50+ years in the manufacturing of Surface Supplied Air systems, Brownie’s has perfected every aspect of Safety, Ease of Diving and FUN in our line of gasoline-powered systems.  The Scout, Pioneer, and Explorer diving systems are here to entertain you and your family.

Land Based Diving Systems

When the situation calls for a more robust commercial application, Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ offers a line of commercial duty systems to suit your need.  The Monster, The Kraken, and The Beast are our commercial systems that will work hard for you.

Built-In Air Systems (BIAS)

Brownie’s has brought Diving Made Easy to a whole new level with our Built-In Air Systems or our BIAS packages incorporate all the technology that our floating and commercial series systems have. The difference is we have built it into your vessel.

Egressor Mini Scuba System

Safety is an important factor to always keep in mind when diving. Whereas some backup systems provide just enough to assist in shallower water situations, sometimes more air or a larger cylinder is required.  Brownie’s incorporated an easily refillable redundant 6cf or 13cf pony bottle with a standard high pressure regulator to assist in your out-of-air situations where a safety stop is required.

The SPARE AIR® System

Need to retrieve an item dropped in the water, need to untangle a line from your prop or wish to have a convenient back up source for your shallow water dives.  The SPARE AIR® system is light weight and readily available when a few more breaths are needed.

Bright Weights®

Browse the award-winning range of ultimate weighting solutions. Bright Weights® products have a tight-form fit that conforms to the body’s natural shape, allowing unparalleled versatility across various training and fitness routines.

Hoses & Kits

Leave your scuba cylinder topside while you enjoy the scenery below.  Brownie’s has several hose kits that connect your scuba cylinder to the diver below with your option of various hose lengths.

Accessories & Parts

Add-a-diver to your current system, use a BCD with your Brownie’s, keep your batteries safe and dry with a padded dry box, lost your flag or want to carry extra O-ring, find all of your Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ add-ons and accessories right here from the factory.

High Pressure Compressors

Want to eliminate lugging your scuba tanks to the dive store, fill your own scuba tanks on your boat or in your garage.  Its that simple! Through our sister company LW Americas, we offer and array of tankfill options for your boat, dive shop, home, or wherever you wish to fill your own tanks.

3D Buoy

You see that boat heading toward your group of snorkelers, but the boat does not see you and is headed straight for you. Why? Because the current Diver Down flag is not always seen. Make sure you are seen on the water day or night with a 3D Buoy!


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