The 3D Buoy Dive Flag: Every Diver's Guardian on the Waters

Imagine diving with peace of mind, knowing you’re protected by a dive flag that stands out distinctly even in challenging conditions. Welcome to the next generation of dive safety – the 3D Buoy.

The 3D Buoy Dive Flag: Every Diver's Guardian on the Waters

  • All-Angle Visibility: Traditional dive flags fall short when it comes to 360° visibility. With our unique 3D design, your buoy is noticeable from every angle, even from 1000 feet away.

  • Stability in All Conditions: Whether it’s calm waters or rough seas, our buoy’s water bladder ensures it remains upright. Dive with confidence, knowing your safety signal won’t let you down.
  • Safety Meets Convenience: Featuring a stainless-steel D-ring, a diver’s grab bag, and tow line can be connected easily. Plus, its handle makes it effortless to carry.
  • Designed for Diver Safety: Tired from your dive? The 3D Buoy has enough air volume and a grab line, allowing divers to hold on and rest when needed.

Upgrade Your Dive Experience

Don’t compromise on safety. Make every dive a safe dive. With its striking design, functional features, and commitment to diver safety, the 3D Buoy makes traditional dive flags a thing of the past.

A handle is conveniently located on the top of the 3D Buoy for a simple carry. Additionally, a grab line and sufficient air volume in the buoy allows for a diver to hold on, allowing the diver to rest if necessary. This divers-down buoy was created and designed to protect both divers and boaters. Its 3-D design makes it visible from all angles, its illumination makes it visible in darkness, and its thoughtful features provide safety and convenience, making the traditional diving flag inferior. 

Raising Awareness & Prioritizing Safety: Carter Viss's Vital Message

Diving and boating are enjoyable water activities that, without the right safety measures, can turn tragic within moments. Carter Viss’s story exemplifies the pressing need for heightened awareness and advanced safety equipment in the diving world.

Boating Awareness: Carter’s life-altering incident was primarily due to the boat’s lack of awareness in a frequented diving spot. Speeding at about 45 mph, merely 700 feet off the beach, the boat approached a zone ideal for diving. Had the boat been more cautious and observant, moving at reduced speeds, the disastrous event might have been averted.

Advancement in Diving Safety: Carter, a snorkeling enthusiast, always followed safety guidelines. He used the standard 12-inch by 12-inch divers-down flag, a two-dimensional symbol often overlooked by boats, as was the case in his incident. To tackle this visibility issue, the promotion of a three-dimensional buoy, which is visible from every angle under any condition, is essential. The adoption of such buoys could significantly reduce the number of accidents between divers and boats.

Furthermore, having a dive buddy is a lifesaving precaution. Andy, Carter’s dive buddy, was pivotal in preventing a worse outcome, emphasizing the irreplaceable value of diving with a partner.

In honoring Carter Viss’s journey and amplifying his message, we present the Carter Viss Foundation. Dive into his story, understand the imperatives of diving and boating safety, and see how the right equipment can be the thin line between life and tragedy.

Click here to delve deeper into Carter Viss’s story and the objectives of the Carter Viss Foundation.

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