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Dive into a world where precision meets style with Bright Weights, the award-winning weighting solution. Innovatively designed for the modern diver, our range stands apart from the traditional lead ballast options commonly found in the US. Complementing the renowned Brownie’s line of tankless diving equipment, Bright Weights promises functionality, comfort, and a dash of style.

Weight Belt & Buckle

Our 500g slug weights slide easily in and out of this 1.5m long weight belt. Marine grade stainless steel buckle and D ring attached ensures ease of use and quick ditching.

Slug Weights

Our 500g plastic coated slug weights conform to your body contours and fit easily in and out of the holsters in the weight belt to ensure fine-tuned balance, buoyancy and comfort.

Weight Integration Straps

Supplied in a pack of (2) x 6 holster straps and (2) x 2 holster straps to fit our 500g slug weights. 6 holster fits into weight pockets and 2 holster in the trim pockets of weight integration BCD’s. Total weight capacity of 8kg. (16 x 500g slug weights)

Instructor Weight Straps

For quick adjustment of weight, fit our 500g slug weights into holsters and attach anywhere on a diver’s BCD. Making life easier for students and instructors! Sold as a pair.

Cylinder Harness

Our trendy cylinder harness fits snug over any cylinder and is used in conjunction with our 1500g cylinder weights. Even weight distribution across the body helps ensure a horizontal position in the water allowing you to ‘swim like a fish’!

Cylinder Weights

1.5Kg PVC coated long weights which are specially designed in conjunction with our cylinder harness, which places weight over the lung area providing the perfect buoyancy solution. This system is the real brains of Bright Weights SCUBA.

Weight Vest

Comfortable weighted vest for technical and commercial divers available in 3.5kg and 7kg weight options.

Soft Ankle Straps

Suitable for ankles or wrists. Adjustable velcro strap with stainless D-ring for extra security.

Hard Ankle Weight Straps

These 500g (1.10lbs) ankle straps are soft and comfortable and add a little extra weight to the ankles for fin light divers. Weight not adjustable. Supplied in a pair.

Belt & Brace

A set of webbing braces attached to a weight belt, for larger divers that have the problem of their weight belt sliding down their body.

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