Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ Sea LiOn™

Sea LiOn™ 3+ Hours Battery System

A Battery-Powered THIRD LUNG™ with equivalent performance to our gasoline-powered systems. The Sea LiOn™ can run for up to 3 hours with a 2 – 4 diver capacity.

Three divers | Three hours | One battery

Sea LiOn™ Setup: 10 Simple Steps

Key Features

  • Up to 3 hours run time
  • Easy swap lithium ion battery with spring loaded contacts
  • Variable speed algorithm – system turns on and off based on diver breathing demands
  • Maximum depth selector for higher efficiency modes
  • Visible LED battery level indicator
  • Total unit weight 53 lb (mounted in pan, with battery)
  • Recreational diving performance: 2-4* divers 0-33ft on the Standard package. 2 divers to 60ft with the PRO Package (*with the purchase of the add-a-diver kit)
  • An accumulator tank that provides a buffer of air between the compressors available air output and the demand the diver is requiring
  • Completely recharge battery in 6 hours with a 24 Volt, 70.4 Ah (1774 Watt-hour) lithium ion battery pack with a 110v/220v charger.

The Sea LiOn™ has equal performance to our gasoline powered systems - without the fuel!

The Sea LiOn™

The Sea LiOn™ is the first in its class and leader in:

ANY battery-powered diving system that supports 3 divers up to 3 hours
Variable Speed Technology (VS) that responds to diver breathing demands
ANY battery powered diving system with easy swap battery
ANY Battery powered system that supports 4 divers!

Innovation in lithium-ion battery technology has advanced to the point where Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ could modify its current system to adopt the lighter, more powerful lithium-ion batteries.

Ideal for Resorts and Charters as an Eco-Friendly Superior Diving Choice

Max Depth Selector

The dial at the top of the system allows you to select your maximum dive depth in order to achiever longer run times. ​Choose between 15, 25, 35, and 65 feet of maximum depth. When the system is switched on, the compressor will pulse on startup to confirm which option has been select.

  • One pulse: 15 feet
  • Two pulses: 25 feet
  • Three pulses: 35 feet
  • Four pulses: 65 feet

Sea LiOn™ Unique Features

Sea LiOn™ Package Options

 Standard Package

  • Motor compressor in storage case
  • 24 Volt lithium ion battery with charger
  • Air intake staff with dive flag
  • Flotation tube
  • Accumulator tank
  • 40 ft main Peleton™ down line
  • 2 (ea) Y-Dividers
  • 3 (ea) 20 ft individual diver hoses
  • 3 (ea) low pressure regulators
  • 3 (ea) Brownie’s drop weight Cummerbelts
  • Brownie’s Deluxe mesh gear bag

PRO Package

  • Everything included in the Standard Package, plus:
  • All PRO Packages include a 60 ft main Peleton™ down line (substitute for 40 ft in standard package)
  • 3 (ea) SEAC® Sub wrist computer
  • 3 (ea) Spare Air® add-on package

“We’ve wanted so deeply to bring out a system that runs as long and as hard as our conventional gas models, and the technology we needed has finally arrived.”

– Robert Carmichael, Chairman, Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc.

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