The Original Hookah Diving System

Over 50 years in the making, Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ has carefully engineered systems that make diving possible without the heavyweight of SCUBA tanks. With safety and ease of diving in mind, our team continues to innovate in the world of tankless diving.

It all started with a boy in his garage and a simple idea that there was an easier way to dive than wear tanks on your back.  Over 50 years later the idea revolutionized the diving industry and turned into an entire product line of tankless dive systems.

Our History lives in your memories of diving with friends and family on weekends in the Florida Keys, in hours of lobster hunting during mini season and sharing all the stories about the big one that “got away.”

Engineered to Dive Safely

Our designs have been carefully thought out, tried and tested over many years to ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience for all users. The Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ compressor units are extremely balanced to avoid accidental overturning, the hoses and Quick Release Swivel (QRS) snap connections prevent kinks and uncoils with ease. Our patented Peleton™ hose configuration keeps the divers together safely while still allowing room to maneuver. During your dive, those who remain on the surface know where you are at all times and are able to follow the clearly visible dive flag and bright colored yellow and red float tube.

Another way Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ works to keep our divers safe is to provide, free of charge, an online training course covering the Physics and Physiology all divers should learn before their first dive.

Who We Are

Brownie’s THIRD LUNG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brownie’s Marine Group,Inc., a publicly-traded company trading on the OTCQB under ticker BWMG. Most of the team members of the company are shareholders themselves and thus have a vested interest. We believe in our family friendly line of products, and our commitment to Diving Made Easy for all.


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