AC / Electric Powered

Built In Air Systems Powered by AC

Build a Brownie’s Integrates Air System directly into your boat and connect to your 110v/220v power source.  The clutter of tanks and regulators is a time of the past.  At Brownie’s, we strategically mount the compressor out of sight with the ability to jump into the water at a moment’s notice.  Diving has never been so easy!

Express Diver 2

Maintaining your own vessel is easy and convenient with a Built-in Diving system. A 100 ft common downline, Y diver and 2 – 20 ft individual diver hoses provide the perfect opportunity to get the job done.  

Express Diver 3

Don’t need to travel far when the best dive sight is right below you!  A 100 ft common downline, Y divers, and 3 – 20 ft individual diver hoses provides endless underwater entertainment for up to 3 Divers.

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