What is Tankless Diving?

“Tankless Diving” is an Experience

It creates an emotion that triggers a reaction to want to see more, do more, be more!

Tankless diving or Surface Supplied Air diving is an alternative to SCUBA diving.  In traditional SCUBA one wears a 38lb cylinder on their back along with other cumbersome and heavy equipment.  With Tankless diving, a combination motor/compressor floats on the surface drawing fresh air and delivering it to the divers below through special air breathing hose.  The divers are tethered to the system with a Peleton™ style harness and all the diver is wearing is a custom drop weight integrated belt.

What is it?

Tankless Diving is simply just that, eliminating the necessity for bulky scuba tanks and replacing them with a Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ weight integrated Cummerbelt.

Tankless Diving is weightlessness in water.  Never does the body feel as if it were floating through air as it does when perfect buoyancy is achieved while diving on a THIRD LUNG™ system.

Tankless Diving is less gear to carry, store and maintain.  A complete package for up to 4 divers fits in a Deluxe duffel bag and a travel size covered hard case.

Tankless Diving allows you the vessel in which to explorer the fascinating underwater world and become your ocean explorer!

Tankless Diving is diving made easier for YOU, for THEM, for EVERYONE!

Tankless Diving is

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