High Pressure/Tankfill Compressors

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Our team at Brownie’s cares about designing quality products that provide an exceptional and easy diving experience for all. Which is why, we don’t stop at just Hookah diving systems. Discover all our other products here.

High Pressure Compressors

High-pressure compressors and the associated modules for the processing, storage and filling of air, inert gases, natural gas, biogas and hydrogen. L&W Compressors are the trusted choice across an array of industries.


​Over 30 years Brownie’s Marine Group has specialized in designing, building and installing diving solutions that are specially tailored based on needs and integrated into the overall vessel plans from conception. Learn more about Ship’s Air and Tankfill.

NitroxMaker™ Systems

Brownie’s™ is a world leader when it comes to constructing, designing and installing the best Compressor Systems, either for land based operations or for on board Yacht installations, High Pressure Storage Systems and NitroxMaker™ solutions.

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