Land Based Diving Systems

Land Based Diving Systems You Can Trust

Our land based systems can be divided into two categories, the commercial series and portable series. These systems can be useful for commercial and professional purposes as they provide the weightless and tankless dive experience without the need of a floating device on the surface.

Commercial Series

Our gasoline-powered commercial systems provide dependable performance for a land-based application. These systems are mounted on sturdy aluminum frames. Our commercial diving systems are commonly used on construction sites, barges and any application where floating your system is not practical.

Portable Systems

Our Electric series tankless diving systems are mounted in a durable portable case and require a plug-in electrical service. These systems are available in both 110v AC or 220v AC and 12vt or 24vt power. Ideally suited for hull, dock, or pool maintenance and inspections. Systems allow for continued hours of service when the power source is readily provided.

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