Tankfill to Tankless Diving

Be ready for any experience, Jump in and DIVE!

A High-Pressure system that is designed to fill scuba cylinders can be plumbed into a single scuba cylinder at high pressure where it is then reduced to low-pressure air so that you can deploy a breathing hose directly from the cylinder to your own diver kit and jump right into the water tankless!

High or Low Pressure Compressors Drive All Ship’s Air Needs

  • Compressed air can have many uses on a boat. Brownie’s is the largest supplier of compressed air systems for diving purposes – but why stop there? The compressor that supplies air to divers can also inflate fenders, open doors, blow air horns, flush toilets and more…
  • Efficient use of compressed air starts with the boat’s plans. Our engineering department will work with your boat builder to design the most efficient use of your machinery; providing the most performance while saving valuable space.


Proper integration involves an assessment of the entire boat’s air needs – above and below the water’s surface. We design each system specifically to the unique requirements of each customer.


Upgrade your vessel and style with a level winding built-in Glendenning E-Reel, stainless exterior hawse fitting and 140-ft of diving hose ready to ​deploy in seconds! Diving has never been so easy!

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