Egressor Mini Scuba System

Adventure Out with Safety In Mind

All divers are taught to carry a secondary air source in case of an emergency, as this makes it possible to ascend safely at any time. Hookah diving is no different. Our Egressor Mini Scuba System allows divers to always carry enough air to include their safety stop during their dives.

Egressor Mini Scuba System

Our patented Egressor™ systems ride along in a handy sleeve in the small of your back-out of the way, yet always convenient. Our systems feature a scuba pony bottle with a valve/1st stage combo (6 cu. ft. for the average diver or a full 13 cu. ft. for the serious explorer), our Egressor scuba regulator with a low-profile HP port gauge, Brownie’s™ patented Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ with retention sleeve.

More than just a safety device, you’ll find all kinds of uses for your Egressor™ system. Light and small, it can be donned in seconds – much less time and effort than donning a full set of scuba. Perfect for quick response to items dropped over-board, verifying anchor location, hull inspection, prop clearing, pool maintenance, and much more!

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