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The Brownie's THIRD LUNG™ Advantage

Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ takes every opportunity to design features that benefit you as the diver.

Brownie’s Quick Release Swivel fittings allow for an easy assembly of your hose and guarantee the hose to swivel underwater eliminating entanglement.

Brownie’s undermount regulator eliminates jaw fatigue and keeps your hose more streamline under your arm.

Brownie’s specialty designed boat shaped float tube cradles the system at a low center of gravity providing optimal stability in the water.

Brownie’s weight integrated Cummerbelts are a one size fits all and allow you to drop your weights in a second if need be while always staying connected to your diving system.

These are just a few of the details we have put into our systems to make diving Easier for you, Easier for everyone!

Benefits of the Peleton™ Hose System

  • Share the Workload – Long individual diver hoses can tend to pull the float in different directions, creating a zig-zag pattern on the surface and a tug-of-war effect. One diver is effectively always pulling the entire weight of the float. The Peleton™ pattern utilizes the efforts of all the divers in a single direction. The net effect is greatly reduced work required by any single diver. (Think of it as divers acting like a team of horses.) You almost forget the float is even above you.
  • Drag – Very simply put, less hose in the water creates less drag and requires less effort.
  • Weight and Storage – Even though our hoses float on the surface, they still have weight out of the water. Those of us that know boats know that storage and weight are very common issues. Every 10 feet of hose is roughly 10 pounds, which does not seem like much until you calculate how much hose you actually have. For a group of 4 divers using the Peleton™ Hose System, they would have a total of 140 feet of hose (60 ft. common line and 20 ft. per diver) totaling 140 pounds. If each diver had their own 60 ft. line there would be a total of 240 pounds of the hose. Not only would you have an additional 100 pounds of hose, but would also require additional space to store it.
  • Buddy System – 20 ft of hose per diver allows up to 40 feet of distance. That’s enough separation for independence and exploration yet close to your buddy.
  • Entanglement – Avoid the “spaghetti” typically formed by numerous long hoses intertwining in and out of the water. The Peleton™ configuration makes deployment, recovery, and clean-up simple.

Quick Release Swivel (QRS)

Our choice of patented Quick Release Swivel (QRS) fittings that snap easily together and swivel under pressure also eliminates bruised toes and chips in the clear coat of your boat due to accidental dropping. The QRS fittings allow your hose to uncoil nicely and reduce the weight, which you will appreciate when you haul your equipment in and out of the water. Furthermore, it eliminates the issues caused by using alternative choices like brass, such as getting the connections stuck or almost fused together from effects of sea salt and sand residue.

Float Tube and Cover

Brownie’s oval-shaped “Boat tube” is designed to support the THIRD LUNG™ system with a very low center of gravity providing maximum stability. The construction of the tube assembly begins with a radio frequency-welded inner bladder made of inflatable boat materials and a large-bore boat-type air valve for reliable inflation and rapid deflation/storage (ever try to deflate a tire tube after a great day of diving?). The outer cover is made from an ultraviolet stabilized Ballistic Nylon that acts as a barrier for the tube from the sun and is tough enough to resist abrasion and puncture. All seams are double-stitched and stress points are box stitched with extra backing panels for the best support. Extra-wide webbing straps with corrosion-proof buckles and snaps are ready for years in the sun. Heavy-duty YKK zippers resist jamming and can be rinsed clean.

  • Easy inflation – Integrated check valve, so air won’t seep out unexpectedly. Inflate tube straight from compressor unit, no extra tools necessary.
  • Easy deflation – lock open feature, can be totally deflated in less than 30 seconds.

Drop Weight Cummerbelt

It’s instantly adjustable for waist sizes from 24 to 54 inches, so it can fit everyone in the family. It is fully padded, depth compensating, and contoured to fit your waist so you won’t get the “gravity twist” like common weight belts. It has 2 pockets – each capable of holding up to 8 lbs. of lead block or shot pouches. For added safety and control, each pocket can be instantly released by either hand (even if gloved) while still retaining the belt. You can easily achieve positive buoyancy by releasing a single pouch – much safer than dropping all your weight at once. And you always stay connected to the air hose and the surface. One size fits the whole family!

Brownie's Hookah Regulator Streamlined Undermount Design

Brownie’s new regulator design allows the hose to lay cleanly next to the diver’s body for a more efficient and streamlined profile in the water. The regulator hose is routed from the Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ around the diver’s waist to the underside of the regulator. This allows an unrestricted range of motion, less jaw fatigue and a reduced chance of hose snags.

Egressor™ Mini Back-Up Scuba System

All divers are taught to carry a secondary air source in case of an emergency and third lung hookah diving is no different. We recommend that all divers carry enough air to make a safe ascent at any time. Our patented Egressor™ systems ride along in a handy sleeve in the small of your back-out of the way, yet always convenient. Not some tiny bottle that only provides a false sense of security, our systems feature a scuba pony bottle with a standard scuba valve (6 cu. ft. for the average diver or a full 13 cu. ft. for the serious explorer), our Egressor™ scuba regulator with a low-profile HP port gauge and the retention sleeve for the back of the Drop Weight Cummerbelt™. More than just a safety device, you’ll find all kinds of uses for your Egressor™ system. Light and small, it can be donned in seconds – much less time and effort than donning a full set of scuba. Perfect for quick response to items dropped over-board, verifying anchor location, hull inspection, prop clearing, pool maintenance, and m

Direct Drive Air Breathing Compressor

Sealed Stainless Steel Compressor Bearings with Breathing-Air/Oxygen compatible grease is the hallmark of our proprietary diver-specific compressor. The complete main bearing and eccentric crank assembly are machined from high-quality stainless steel. Even our reed-valves are made in America by a very precise etching method and are pure high-grade stainless. NOTE about copycats: Construction compressors (Thomas and others) utilize traditional uncoated aluminum, painted metal parts and iron/steel crank eccentric materials with typical industrial grade petroleum greased bearings. Since 1969, Brownie’s has to lead the way in developing the ultimate THIRD LUNG, and our precise compressor assembly is at the core of that achievement. Our intentionally low RPM compressor speed equals longer life, less noise, lower heat factors, and all-around more pleasant diving than high-speed low-cost air compressors.

Vertical Snorkel

Brownie’s Vertical Dry Snorkel stands high and proud at a safe distance above the waterline and away from the engine exhaust protecting the compressor and your health. The Dry Snorkel is tight-tolerance crafted in our own machine shop from Delrin round stock to a perfect press-together seal so that no adhesives or glue are used in this critical component. The large bore tube of the main snorkel is considerably larger than required for airflow but, structurally doubles as the main support for our stainless reinforced custom sewn dive flag.

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