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With Brownie’s THIRD LUNG’s continued dedication to Diving Made Easy, we understand that sometimes all you need to do is add a little hose to the mix! Brownie’s offers a variety of easy to install and easier to use hoses and hose kits that enable you to leave you tank on the surface while diving below. Already have a tank and scuba regulator, you can easily connect your existing gear to our hose kits to extend the distance between your tank and you as the dive.

Kayak Hose Kits

Octo Hoses

Hose Lengths & Fittings

Kayak Hose Kits

No, you do not HAVE to dive from a Kayak! But it sure does sound like fun and freedom all rolled into one! Float your tank any way you choose or check out our NEW Brownie’s Tank Float! Choose your length and go diving!

With Brownie’s Kayak Diving Hose Kits you can leave your tank topside and move about freely and effortlessly as the hose glides behind you – out of sight and out of mind. So many different applications and configurations make our Hoses and Kayak
Diving Hose Kits a MUST!

Our proprietary Quick Release Swivel (QRS) fittings greatly reduce hose kinks while diving and also make it a snap to add or subtract hose sections.

Each Brownie’s Kayak Hose Kit includes 3 sections of hose and a basic tow belt that harness the hose kit to your waist, instead of it pulling from your jaw:
(1) 12″ hose 1st stage to male QRS fitting
(1) Choose length of 20′, 40′, 60′, 100′ and 150′ F to M QRS fitting
(1) 40″ hose female QRS to 2nd stage, with a basic tow belt attached

The kit replaces the hose on your scuba regulator. Want to do some conventional diving on scuba?
There’s no need to unscrew the kit from your first and second stages; simply remove the main hose length and click the 2 smaller hoses together for a standard scuba set up.

* Hoses come in 3 different sizes.

Octo Hose Kits

The Brownie’s OCTO hoses are one long hose with a 1st stage fitting on one end and a 2nd stage fitting on the other. None of those fancy QRS hose fittings in between.

Traditionally an OCTO hose is designed as a safety 2nd regulator for your dive buddy in case they have an out-of-air situation. The standard length that comes with a store-bought octo is barely long enough for your buddy diver to get a secure grip on your octo in case of an out-of-air emergency. With the Brownie’s custom lengths, you can comfortably share air and swim safely to the surface. Don’t forget your safety stop!

The OCTO hoses are also used by professional dive boat operators to hang a regulator at aprox 15′ in the water as a backup safety regulator so divers can be assured they will always perform their safety stop.

Brownie’s OCTO hoses have unlimited uses, what is yours?

Hose Lengths & Fittings

A huge advantage of the Brownie’s (QRS) Quick Release Swivel fittings is their ability to allow the diver to quickly and effortlessly arrange your hose configuration to suit your immediate diving needs. Various hose lengths are available

Add hose lengths to your own Brownie’s Third Lung system for a custom configuration to fit YOUR diving needs.

A smart diver always has a good Spare Parts Kit! Keep an extra set of fittings or Y-divider in case the ocean decides to take one of yours.

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