Accessories & Parts

A Little Bit of Everything

From spare spark plugs to spare mouth bites, a smart diver always carries a spare parts kit! Time to service your system, find all the necessary rebuild kits and parts you need. Looking for a Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ gear bag that is Made in the U.S.A. than look no further than right here at the factory. Wish to extend your individual diver hoses  by 20 or 40 ft, we have a variety of lengths to offer you.  Shop all of your spare parts, service kits and accessories at Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™!

Brownie's Gear Bags

Brownie’s uses only the most durable marine fabric, buckles and zippers to ensure a longer-lasting product! Please check out our line of Gear Bags, Backpacks, Snorkel Bags, Tank holders and MUCH MUCH MORE! ​Just need to organize your dive gear, find a gear bag in every size to fit most everything.

Motor & Compressor Parts

We carry most engine parts for the HONDA, Robins Subaru and Briggs & Stratton motors.
With the knowledge of a few basic tools, ​Brownie’s Direct Drive compressor is simple to service yourself. However, if your tools are a bit rusted, you are more than welcome to bring your system to the factory and our knowledgeable technicians will service it for you.

Third Lung Components & Accessories

​Y-Dividers, Quick Release Swivel (QRS) fittings, Care Kits, extra weight pockets, Add a Diver kit, tow belts, drip caps, dive flags, pressure checkers, we have ALL of your accessories here at Brownie’s Marine Group. Power Inflator Kit – What is THAT? Find out what right here!​

Online Training

The scuba industry verifies diver certifications as the diver comes into the dive store for air fills or contracts for dive charters. There is no such interaction with hookah diving systems. Once the system is purchased by a consumer, he might not ever have an inquiry about his training or diving experience.


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