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About Brownie's Factory Direct Systems

We are able to offer our customers a wide range of service options for all needs and budgets. Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ currently offers four main service options: Core Exchange Program, Battery Trade-Up Offers, Gasoline Trader Up Offers, or Factory Refurbished Units. 

In addition, we encourage our THIRD LUNG™ clients to perform regular service (general) maintenance on their systems. During General Maintenance service, our techs will evaluate all components within your compressor.

​Have a question, please feel free to give us a call or send us a service request email.

Core Exchange Program

If you find it is not cost effective to repair your system, Browne’s will remove your motor/compressor assembly from your current pan and replace it with a brand new CORE motor/compressor assembly at the fraction of what a new complete package would cost. Utilizing everything you have currently in your gear bag, you are out the door with a new Brownie’s core with our Core exchange program.

Battery Trade Up Offers

Are you currently diving with an older version of our battery powered system but would love to upgrade to the Sea Lion and have 3 hours of diving with one battery?  Bring in your system and accessories and let us make you an offer to trade up to new technology!

Gasoline Trade Up Offers

Do you currently own a single head direct drive compressor but feel your family could benefit from the dual head compressor for more air output?  Bring in your working gasoline powered system for evaluation and Brownie’s will provide a credit toward a larger systems upgrade.

Factory Refurbished Units

Only the Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ Factory can make the claim of Factory Refurbished and offer a 6 month factory warranty.  Please visit our Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ eBay Store for a current list of factory refurbished units.

General Maintenance

Your Third Lung compressor requires regular service to maintain the proper flow and pressure to support divers. Typical service involves replacing the compressor’s internal seals and valves every 100 hours or when you notice a reduction in air production. We’ve produced kits complete with instructions and the normal wear items that should be replaced as a set regain correct performance. You may elect to perform the service yourself, or you can bring your compressor to Brownie’s for service by our technicians.

Our techs will evaluate all components within your compressor, your engine or motor and how they perform together. We have the resources to bring almost any current Brownie’s hookah compressor back to its original performance.

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