Built-In Air Systems (BIAS)

Diving at the Flip of a Switch

Compressed air can have many uses on a boat. Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ is the largest supplier of compressed air systems for diving purposes – but we do not stop there!  The same compressor that supplies air to the divers can also inflate fenders, blow air horns, open doors and so much more!

The Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ Built-In Air Systems (BIAS) have increased in popularity and sales in the last few years. Though a diehard scuba diver may still cling to their full scuba tank set up, the average modest diver is thrilled to be able to just flip a switch and jump overboard into the water to dive!

As the market leader in the boating compressor industry, Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ understands the unique challenges facing boaters. Our Built-In Air Systems, most commonly knows as “BIAS,” have set the standard for performance, durability and value. Continuing in that tradition, Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™ has designed a line of BIAS options to fit every boat size and budget.

Efficient use of compressed air starts with the boats PLAN. Our engineering department will work with your boat builder to design the most efficient use of your carefully chosen equipment, providing the most performance while saving valuable space and money.

• Available in various sizes to fit almost any size boat and budget
• Entire BIAS system is hidden from view when not in use
• Various power options available AC / Electric / DC Battery
• Don your gear in minutes and clean up just as convenient

AC POWER (110 vt or 220 vt)

Generator or Shore

How easy and convenient would it be to pull up to your favorite dive site, flip on a switch, pop the regulator in your mouth and jump overboard? Having a Built-In Air System (BIAS) makes it THAT EASY!

DC POWER (12v or 24v)

The perfect solution to a small to mid sized boat, yacht tenders, sport fishing boat and more. Recharges automatically as you move on to your next dive site.


Upgrade your vessel and style with a level winding built-in Glendenning E-Reel, stainless exterior hawse fitting and 140-ft of diving hose ready to ​deploy in seconds! Diving has never been so easy!

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